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School Improvement Council

School Improvement Council (SIC) consists of students, staff, parents, and community members, some elected, some appointed who meet regularly to work on initiatives designed to improve Hannah-Pamplico High School. The SIC publishes an annual report by April 30th of each school year.

Annual Report: 

2023-2024 SIC Annual Report

SIC Agendas: 

9-11-2023 Agenda

10-9-2023 Agenda

11-13-2023 Agenda

01-08-2024 Agenda

02.12.2024 Agenda

03.11.2024 Agenda

04.15.2024 Agenda

SIC Meeting Minutes:

09-11-23 Minutes

10-9-2023 Minutes

11-13-2023 Minutes

01.08.2024 Minutes

02.12.2024 Minutes

03.11.2024 Minutes

04.15.2024 Minutes